Tourist / Shopping Aplication

Activating the tourist resort, shopping mall and take advantage of the smart ICT!

We utilize smartphone · tablet and mobile phone · Wi-Fi · Internet to distribute unique information for each tourist spot and shopping district to users in the area, bringing various effects.

  • Provision of our own local service
  • Activate purchasing activity
  • Improve sales by attracting customers and creating repeaters
  • Regional activation

Communication tool to cheer up sightseeing spots and shopping districts

Wi-Fi Solution観光地・商店街

It is a solution to optimize installation and operation of wireless LAN.

Wi-Fi Push Notification

It is a push notification content distribution solution for smartphones and tablets using Wi-Fi.

Beacon Solution

It is a solution that utilizes Beacon to grasp the position information of the smart phone/tablet terminal and provide the service.


※MOBO POS ® Registered Trademark of Thou-Management Co. Ltd.
It is a mobile POS system that can manage multiple stores in real time using smartphones/tablet terminals.

Mobile Payment
It is a credit card settlement application using a smart phone · tablet terminal, printer.

a2-Pass ®

※a2-Pass ® Registered Trademark of Thou-Management Co. Ltd.
※Patent pending

It is a multipurpose checking application using a smartphone/tablet terminal, wireless printer, barcode scanner.