Wi-Fi Push Notification

When guiding customers to stadium/entertainment facilities, sightseeing areas/shopping districts, shops/malls, etc., while visiting the wireless LAN service area, provide facility / regional information, event information, coupons/discounts to smartphones/tablet terminals This application distributes service area limited content such as tickets with Push type.
Because it uses a smartphone/tablet terminal, it is possible to support multiple languages.

Outside the Service Area

Utilize the current position and geographical information (GIS), search for destinations, play view, guide directions, and guide customers to their destination.

Within the Service Area

By providing various service area limited services such as facilities / regional information, event guidance, issuance of coupons/discount tickets, local music and stamp rally when visiting a wireless LAN service area, attracting more customers, purchasing Activation of activity and improvement of customer satisfaction can be expected.

Wi-Fi Push通知