Mobile Payment

It is an application that allows credit card/cash settlement on the spot regardless of whether indoors or outdoors by using a smartphone · tablet terminal and integrated card reader-printer.
Since card information is encrypted, there is no worry about security.

Together with「MOBO POS」® Cash Register

Combined with MOBO POS ® cash register, you can get smart cash register space by sweeping out peripheral equipment such as CAT terminal, smart card terminal, sign pad etc. around the cash register.
We will change to a stylish cash register space that you will want to show to customers as well as getting operational efficiency improvements.

In Conjunction with「MOBO POS」® Order

By combining with MOBO POS® order, we will offer table accounting to customers on the spot.
We will attract customers with safety, security, and even more gorgeous service.


Mobile payment is easy to carry and can be used anytime.
As a scene to use, payment in the insurance industry, sale of event goods at the event venue etc., credit card payment in the delivery business, business trip expenses in business trip A / S business, settlement of parts fee, visit sales business It is available in various scenes such as card payment, home delivery, collection, Aozora market.

Service Composition of Mobile Payment