CRM(Customer Relationship Management)

It is a solution that promotes the long-term and continuous use of products and services by integrally managing information at customer contact points.

Using smart ICT, truly customer-oriented principles!

Advances in information and communication technology (ICT) and the spread of mobile terminals in recent years have made it possible to collect, manage and analyze new customer information.

About functionsCRMソリューション

Push Notification

Notify target targets new products, events, points/coupon tickets, questionnaires, etc.

Customer management

Customer management · registration, segment customer extraction, contact history, etc. are managed.

Getting of Purchasing Data

Get the purchasing data, link with customer data, and manage points/coupons.

Data Mining

We analyze customer/purchasing trend/product / policy effect etc. and extract customer needs.

Overall optimization utilizing the PDCA cycle

We always optimize customer satisfaction paces by using Plan, Do, Check, and Act cycles.