a2 – Pass ®

It is a multipurpose check application using smartphone/tablet terminal, wireless printer, mobile bar code scanner.
In order to use mobile equipment, it is compact and does not choose installation place. In addition, since it uses smartphones and tablets, it can cooperate with various systems.

Working in various scenes

Excursion/school excursion/occupant check at sightseeing tour

Excursion/school excursion / active for checking passengers such as sightseeing tour rides.

To support evacuees in case of emergency disaster

It is active in confirming the location of evacuees in emergency disasters and supporting evacuees

Admission · Gate / Security check

We are active in meeting guests, data centers, airports, etc. for people entering · gate /security check.

Emergency medical and disaster medical support

In emergency medical and disaster medical care, it is also useful as a triage to sort according to severity and urgency of injured people.

For check in/out of the event venue/festival etc.

Ticket check of the event venue etc., check in/out at the fairground active.

Stock inventory management, traceability

We are active in inventory management of products, traceability system.

Example of a2-Pass for service configuration and application


※「a2-Pass」® Registered Trademark of Thou-Management Co. Ltd.
※Patent Pending