Use smart ICT to make shops, customers, and employees happy!

We will bring various effects of storing management by utilizing smart phone/tablet and mobile / the Internet.

  • Improve sales by attracting customers and creating repeatersスマートICTを活用してお店・お客様・従業員を幸せに!
  • Reduce initial installation and running costs
  • Ease of management maintenance
  • Improve employee motivation

Communication tool to make shops healthy


※MOBO POS ® Registered Trademark of Thou-Management Co.Ltd.
It is a mobile POS system that can manage multiple stores in real time using smartphones/tablet terminals.

Mobile Payment

It is a credit card settlement application using a smartphone/tablet terminal, printer.


※a2-Pass® Registered Trademark of Thou-Management Co.Ltd.
※Patent Pending

It is a multipurpose checking application using a smartphone/tablet terminal, wireless printer, barcode scanner.


It is a solution that promotes the long-term and continuous use of products and services by integrally managing information at customer contact points.

Wi-Fi Push Notification

It is a push notification content distribution solution for smartphones and tablets using Wi-Fi.

Beacon Solution

It is a solution that utilizes Beacon to grasp the position information of the smart phone/tablet terminal and provide the service

Education / Training

It is a training application of game feeling using smartphone · tablet terminal.

Total store support with one stop

  • We support back office operations such as store sales, orders purchase, inventory, attendance etc.
  • We support smart cash register and desk accounting by mobile payment.
  • We can grasp various reports underlying management strategy planning in real time and support management.
  • We will support sending information by designating various target targets based on customer management, regional, age, gender, and seasonal purchasing history.
  • We will provide visitors with store limited content to support repeat customers.
  • We will support the improvement of a motivation of employees by utilizing the mobile application, such as break space increase in shop office, training application of game feeling etc.

Working at Various Shops


From independent stores to franchise chain stores

Beauty Saloon

Create smart and stylish shops


Accounts that can not be kept waiting in originality in small spaces, such as in department stores

Apparel Store

From customer service means at smart terminal to medium for expanding brand image

Fairground / Outdoor

POS, which can easily manage sales management at venues and outdoors

Shopping Street

As a means of shopping districts and local revival beyond the fence of industry