Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Thou Management Co., Ltd. is engaged in the business of introducing an efficient and effective corporate system utilizing IT technology, and supporting enterprise management based on the constructed enterprise system. In developing these businesses, we believe that it is important to protect all personal information including personal information handled by corporate systems, we will set up the following personal information protection policy and execute it reliably.

  1. We will acquire personal information by proper means. In addition, except for cases based on laws and regulations, we will only use it within the scope of the specified purpose of use. We will take measures to prevent this in order not to use outside purpose. Furthermore, we do not offer it to third parties without your consent unless we are based on laws and regulations.
  2. We will take appropriate safety control measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, leakage of personal information, loss or damage, and correction.
  3. We will set up a window for inquiries and complaints about personal information and will respond in good faith.
  4. We will follow laws and regulations concerning the handling of personal information, guidelines established by the country and other norms.
  5. Building a management system to protect personal information, we will continuously improve.

【Personal information inquiry window】
Thou Management Co., Ltd.
Phone: 03 – 6909 – 7027 (Weekdays from 10: 00 to 17: 00)

¦Establishment July 1, 2009
Revision May 28, 2012
Thou Management Co., Ltd.
CEO Ken-ichi Honobe

About the handling of Personal Information

(1)Company’s name

Thou Management Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo)

(2)Personal information Protection Manager

Chie Honobe (03-6909-7027)

(3)Purpose of Use

The purpose of using personal information to be disclosed handled by the company is as follows.

Types of personal information Purpose of Use
Applicant information For employment selection and interview etc.
In-service person information For personnel management work and business contact
Retirement information For contact as necessary such as social gathering
Supplier information For business contact with person in charge of business partner

(4)Inquiries concerning the handling of personal information to be disclosed · Submitting a complaint etc

Name of the recipient: Personal information Inquiry window
Address: 〒 169 – 0075
3-23 – 3 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, OR Building 1F
Phone: 03-6909-7027

(5)Name of Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization to which the Company belongs and to whom to file a complaint

Our company is a target company of an authorized personal information protection organization.
The name of the authorized personal information protection organization and the destination to which the complaint is resolved are as follows.
(※ It is not an inquiry destination concerning services provided by us.)

Name of authorized personal information protection organization: Japan Foundation for Information Economic and Social Promotion
Contact for resolving complaints: personal information protection complaint consultation room
Address:〒106-0032 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Roppongi First Building 12F

(6) How to request disclosure etc.

We will notify, disclose, correct or add / delete contents of usage purpose of personal information to be disclosed, suspend / cancel use, or request suspension of offer to third parties (hereinafter referred to as “disclosure etc.”) Please contact us at the personal information inquiry window for complaints and consultations concerning personal information.。
For those who are requested to disclose, please download the 「Personal Information Disclosure Request Form」, fill out the necessary information , and send it to the personal information inquiry window.
(※If you are requested by an agent, please contact the personal information inquiry window)

【Things to send】
・「Personal Information Disclosure Request Form」
Please fill in the following items on the prescribed form.
i) Address, name, phone number and seal of the customer himself/herself
ii)Invoice date
iii) Information for identifying personal information required for disclosure
¥ 1,000 worth of postal money order (only for notice of purpose of)

【Send to】
3-23-3 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, OR Building 1F
Thou Management Co., Ltd. Personal Information Inquiry Window

When we receive the above request, we will reply in writing within 2 weeks after carrying out the necessary investigation.
In responding, please understand that we will use the individual-only receipt mail for the purpose of preventing leakage of personal information by impersonation.

Our company has received privacy mark grant from the Japan Information Economy and Society Promotion Association
By pressing the privacy mark on the right you can view the web page of the Japan Information Economic and Social Promotion Association Privacy Mark Secretariat in a separate window.