Message from The President

Since people started using computers, the days are shallow, and in the last years the word “IT” began to be recognized recently. Now, in all things, the word “systematization” is overflowing and it seems to be chaoticI will do for our company Thou Management reverted to the origin of automation and efficiency which is the original role of the system, first considered support of work and work at the site, first, to make a system suitable for Japanese based on bottom-upIn addition, Thou Management also places emphasis on humanities than natural science, places emphasis on nurturing engineers who aim for professionals from specialists, and I think wants to help all of you with the engineer to systemize and IT.。

After all, using the system is “people”. It is “everyone”.

Thou Management Co., Ltd.
Ken-ichi Honobe

Representative Background

He is a major trading company and an affiliated company in space and aviation division engaged in sales of defense and aircraft related equipment, equipment and systems
Participated from a Japanese company to the International Space Station project advocated by NASA.
Planning of station operation/usage work, planning of astronaut training program,
Also engaged in establishing a US corporation to support them. Company award two times.
Established Thou Management Co., Ltd.
After 2 years in charge of system design and development of business application of broadband carrier (major communication company), and in charge of the consolidating operation (2 years), he is a senior executive officer (supervisor in charge of broadband / service network operation, customer support, line delivery work), Director) for five years.
Currently, as a representative director of the Company, Inc., Thou Management Co., Ltd., he conducts system related consultants and various project management as well as management.