Mobile Development

The best mobile user experience (UX) by user-centered design!

Recent corporate systems are required to give applications that work on mobile devices such as smartphones /tablets.
Also, users believe that all the features of desktop applications can work as mobile applications, and we are very excited about the ease of use (UX) of mobile applications.

Our company, Thou Management Co., Ltd. use business system development and mobile application development experiment for many years to provide a user-friendly design with simple, stress-free usability and the best mobile user experience (UX: User Experience).
Please leave it to us by developing mobile applications such as iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), Android, Windows 8 etc.

Recent Case

  • Design and development of sales support application (iPad) utilizing Geographic information (GIS)
  • Design and development of construction support application (iPad) utilizing Geographic information (GIS)
  • Emergency medical support application (iPad) design development
  • Content in Wi-Fi zone – Push notification application (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch / Android) Design and development
  • Training application (Android)

Example of Total Integration in our company