Human Resource Development/Dispatch

Train and dispatch global talent and make your success!

In recent development markets, while offshore development for cost reduction is increasing, there are problems of cross-cultural communication, temperature difference to quality, customer satisfaction due to lack of comprehension to Japanese work (CS: Customer Satisfaction) We are also steadily improving various problems such as declining.優秀な人材を育成/派遣して、お客様の成功を!

Thou Management felt that it is essential to train excellent bridge system engineers (BSE: Bridge System Engineer) to realize “low-cost” and “high quality” which are the original goals of offshore development, we are cultivating balanced human resources with a local and global perspective.

Furthermore, we will dispatch outstanding human resources who have experience in introducing corporate systems and supporting company management, from consulting, which is the upstream
m phase of the project to maintenance and operation after production, to support customer success.

  • Consultant / project manager training / dispatch
  • Bridge System Engineer (BSE: Bridge System Engineer) training/dispatch
  • Training/dispatching system