Global Deployment Support

Global Deployment Support using BSE (Bridge System Engineer)!

As ICT Partner, a customer who develops global overseas products and solutions to Japan, or Japanese products and solutions to overseas, Thou Management supports globalize the system (Globalization, G11N).

InternationalizationBSE(Bridge System Engineer)を活用したグローバル展開支援!

Globalization means not only that it is compatible with multiple languages, but also software solutions can be used without problems, including culture and customs of people in each region.
For this reason, first, internationalization (Internationalization, I18N) that incorporates designs and specifications so that the software solution itself can behave in various languages and regions can be supported and it supports internationalization


After internationalization, it is necessary to localize (localization, L10N) for each language to use in that language. Regionalization in regionalization Support not only technical divisions such as patch and version management but also usability improvement of solution


We support add-on development and customized development such as function expansion, more functions, which we often face when deploying solutions. In addition, it supports data migration that can occur when introducing solutions and integration (integration) with existing systems.