System Development

Economical and one-stop system development support!

There are various kinds of corporate systems by automating business processes and sharing management information, and the form of the system will be various according to the company’s management policy or business model.
Also, the come up with a new idea IT technology and the drastically changing communication environment, the development environment and development method of the system are also diverse. Furthermore, to make the system effective, it is necessary to take development inconsiderate operation /maintenance after construction.

In this business environment, now Thou Management offers consistent business solutions from upstream to downstream processes of a corporate system development project.

Our company, Thou Management Co., Ltd. Provides an economical one-stop system development that makes full use of practical knowledge gained through develop business.

Recent Case

  • Radio waves management system design and development
  • On-site support system (sales support / construction support) and application (iPad) design and development using geographic information (GIS)
  • Emergency medical support application (iPad) design development
  • Content in Wi-Fi zone – Push notification application (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch / Android) Design and development
  • Training application (Android) design and development
  • Server cloud computing system design and development
  • Group Integrated Customer Management / Claim Recovery System Design
  • Movie · Music distribution service Customer management system design · development
  • Line management system consulting, design and development
  • Store management system design, development and operation, SE (PM, PMO) delegation, network construction
  • Asset management system design and development
  • Consulting services related to space related business, etc.

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