Knowledge Share Consulting!

In order to solve problems in corporate activities such as “Speed up Management”, “Improve Customer Satisfaction”, “Costs Cut by increasing the efficiency of operations”, and “Dramatically increase ナレッジ・シェアなコンサルティング!Productivity”, ICT Promotion of use and ICT conversion is inevitable, and it also affects the survival of enterprises.

In this business environment, now Thou Management is developing business related carry out efficient and effective corporate system utilizing information and communication technology (ICT) to support customer’s business. In addition, based on the constructed corporate system, we are engaged in consulting business to support management of corporate management.

Our company, Thou Management Co., Ltd., consulting that we cultivated up to now, including designing and building various business systems (front & back office) of advanced companies, cloud computing, settlement system, call center, communication system, network, Knowledge, and know-how will be shared