One Stop total Business System Integrator (BSI)!

In order to solve problems in corporate activities, we support customers’ business one-stop as a total integrator of information communication (ICT) · mobile applications from system consulting to design, development and operation.

Business Field

System Development一站式的综合商业・系统・集成者(BSI)!

We provide consistent business solutions from upstream to the downstream process of a business system development project.

Mobile Development

We provide the best mobile user experience (UX) by user-centered design.

Global Deployment Support

We support the Globalization, Localization, and Integration


We provide consulting for corporate system introduction and corporate management.

Human Resource Development

From the consultant / PM, the upstream phase of the project, to the maintenance and operation SE after production run, we dispatch excellent talented persons who have experience in introducing corporate systems and supporting company management and support customer success一站式的综合商业・系统・集成者(BSI)!