Name CHUPATTO-KUN (日本語の名:チュパットくん)
Who is CHUPATTO-KUN? Affiliation of Saou Management Public Relations Department, Eternal new recruitment staff
There are rumors that it came from “Kepler 186f”, but hometown, lover, family composition and so on are mysterious.
Uncertain life in South America (UMA) Chupacabra seems to be a distant relatives.
Personality Always popular because of his active and friendly character.
Of course, everyone likes to carefully do their own work, as well as buying them out actively in everything, taking care also around them.
There are some narcissists and nerds.
Skill Information and Communication Technology (ICT) In particular, making effective, efficient and environmentally friendly services and products utilizing mobile applications.I feel rewarded to make the Area Smile Spot.
Dream for the future ”Let’s go to Mars!”

CHUPATTO will introduce photos of the earth seen from outer space.


CHUPATTO will introduce photos of when he went to recognize Easter Island, which he seems to have made.
It seems Chucky is reflected on what I was riding (it seems to be an unidentified flying object (UFO) on Earth).